Theo est allé à l'école!


Due to some reason, Theo's second boarding was planned.



Not knowing what would happen to him, Theo was enjoying a lazy afternoon @a cafe nearby.


This time, he made one-night boarding at this school owned by an american lady.


This school has not only boarding service, but also daycare, spa(incl. massage, aroma therapy, doggy whirlpool and weight-loss program)plus training class.

Since it is not too far from our flat (fortunately!), I've been taking Theo there several times for a short stay, in order to let him get familiar with the staff and the school.スタッフはアメリカの方とフランスの方と数名ずつですが、全員女性。
"Monsieur don Juan"またの名を"Mr. Womanizer"の異名をとるテオには最適な環境です。

The school staff are all women, which is perfect for Theo, Mr.womanizer (or Monsieur don Juan)!
しかも、ここのアメリカ人女性はお二人とも日本にいたことがあるとかで二人とも片言の日本語も話してくれ、dog friendlyなだけでなくJapanese friendly!

Furthermore, there are two staffs who speak Japanese.
Which means "Not only dog friendly but also Japanese friendly!!"


As a matter of fact, Theo made the first friends in his life during this stay.



Here is Henly, a JRT, who is almost at the same age w/Theo.


According to the school principal, Henry and Theo did wrestling or enjoyed themselves in their world all alone. So, they slept at one tent at peace, although usually each dog is provided one private tent .


In the daytime, the dogs play freely in the indoor excise room under the staff's carefull observation. Ususally, the dogs are separated into two groups according to the size and the sociability. Theo joined the group of small races, after making a short meeting with other dogs one by one. The staff showed kind consideration in this process also, knowing Theo's limited experience and shyness.

Also they took the dogs to a walk in a small and good-chemistry group to the huge park near the school.

At night, they sleep in their own tent under privacy.


To tell the truth, during the past training period, Theo always sticked to the staff and kept looking for me through the window, which almost made me feel that it is impossible to let him stay alone.....then, what is a happy and surprizing change of him this time! When I went to pick him up the day after, he showed an obvious reluctance about leaving school with "sit in" and "fawning voice!! (I almost thought about leaving without him...joking!)


Theo, Henry and Lucho, the principal's beloved buddy


We felt relieved to find a trustworthy school for Theo.

Theo"I love school!."
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